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Pilz разрешаващ превключвател PITenable

Pilz разрешаващ превключвател PITenable

PIT контролни и сигнални устройства

Enabling switch PITenable

  • Safe adjustment and maintenance with one hand

The three-level enabling switches PITenable are used as manually operated control devices when working in a plant or machine's danger zone. They are used when the protective device has to be suspended.


  • Your benefits at a glance

• Ability to work safely inside a plant or machine's danger zone
• Easy to monitor processes with the safety gate open
• Operator is protected should he overreact with shock or panic
• Ergonomically moulded housing for comfortable operation


  • Features at a glance

• 3-level enabling switch: Off-On-Off
• Versions with M12 -5-pin angled connector or with open cable end
• Maintenance-free
• Simple attachment via magnetic clamp
• Light, stable pressure point
• Difficult to manipulate


  • Safe on three levels: Off-On-Off 3-level enabling switch

• Level 1: The pushbutton has not yet been operated. The machine runs with the safety functions activated.
• Level 2: The activation function is on, the pushbutton is in the middle position. The machine runs while the protective effect of the movable guards is suspended.
• Level 3: The protection function is activated when the pushbutton is suddenly released or fully pressed. The machine is immediately brought to a standstill. This function protects the operator, should he overreact in a shock situation.


  • Safe on three levels: Off-On-Off 3-level enabling switch

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