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Murrelektronik Rectified power supplies MEN, MTPS, MPL

Murrelektronik Rectified power supplies MEN, MTPS, MPL

Токоизправителни захранвания MEN, MTPS, MPL

Rectified power supplies galvanically separate input and output. They convert mains voltage into Protected Extra Low Voltage. The electronic unit rectifies and smooths the voltage.

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Rectified power supplies are designed for a frequency of 50/60Hz. Their slow reaction prevents voltage spikes from being passed from the mains side to the output, which would interfere with peripheral devices. They have fixing brackets with keyholes that ensure easy wall mounting. Models for DIN-rail mounting are available for applications up to 5A.

• Single-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase
• Output currents from 70 mA to 60 A available 
• Approvals and voltages for worldwide deployment (UL)
• Flexible variants can be supplied at short notice in accordance with your specifications


  • номинално входно напрежение

- 115/230 V AC ±10 V AC (MEN)
- 230/400 ±15 V AC (MEN, MTPS)
- 3 × 400 V AC ±5%,  3 × 208...520 V AC (MPL)

  • съвместимост на мрежовата система:  TN, TT, IT
  • номинално изходно напрежение: 24 V DC (SELV)
  • работна температура: -20°C…+55°C
  • работна височина: 0...2000 m ((6561.6 ft)


- CE marking
- cULus listed
- GL approvals

  • съответствие със стандарти:

- IEC/EN 61558-2-6
- IEC/EN 62041category I
- IEC/EN 55011 B
- IEC/EN 61000-3-2

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