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Murrplastik Robotics kit Kassow

Murrplastik Robotics kit Kassow

Robotics kit Kassow

The set offers a lowest possible interference contour for a low risk of damage.

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Sets specially designed for cable routing on Kassow robots. The assembly includes the protective hose, end sleeves and the appropriate fastening with non-slip hook-and-loop tape. For an easier installation of pre-assembled cables, the protective conduit is available in slotted LS.


  • Specifications

Polypropylene (PP)

Thermoplastic elastomer

mod. polyamide


  • Optional accessories:

KKU-Fix - hook-and-loop tape silicone-free

KBM 840 - metal cable ties


Article Order No. GTIN Color Packing Unit

FHS-UHE-Set Kassow 0810



Black / Red


FHS-UHE-Set Kassow 1205



Black / Red


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