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Scame DC charging stations BE-M

Scame DC charging stations BE-M

DC charging stations BE-M series

Charging stations in painted sheet steel for fast DC charging


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BE-M is a range of charging stations for ground installation for the DC fast charging of electric vehicles, available with powers of 60kW-90kW-120kW-150kW-180kW.
Made of sturdy painted steel sheet, they are equipped, depending on the version, with two cables with CCS2 and/or CHAdeMO connectors and a cable with Type 2 connector for AC charging.

A version with a single CCS2 connector and a nominal power of 60kW is also available.

The user interface is guaranteed by a display with integrated ambient light sensor.

BE-M charging stations, equipped with Ethernet–WiFi–2/3/4G connectivity, can be connected to an external E- Mobility Service Provider via standard OCPP communication protocol.


Max power 60kW dc
AC 3P+N+E 400V 50/60Hz 92A
Output 1
CCS2 150-920Vdc 150A
Simultaneous charge No
Efficiency 96% to nominal power
EMC class A
Protection degree IP IP54
Working temperature -25°C/+50°C
Altitude 2000 m max
Humidity 5% to 95% non condensating
Acoustic noise <55dB in all directions
Protection degree IK IK10 
Saline solution Resistant
UV protection UV resistant
Dimensions 735 x 640 x 1866 mm
Weight About 310 kg

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