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Schneider Electric Spacial S3DEX

Schneider Electric Spacial S3DEX

Spacial S3DEX

ATEX-certified steel, stainless steel and polyester wall-mounting enclosures by Schneider Electric.

ATEX-certified range of wall-mounting enclosures, including steel (Spacial S3DEX), stainless steel (Spacial S3XEX) and polyester (Thalassa PLMEX).

They guarantee safety for every application, in every area classified as “ATEX II2” or “II3”, which mean installations of surface with occasional or rare risks. Enclosures are certified as components. They will be assembled with other ATEX electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components, among others to form a final solution which, in turn, must be ATEX-certified and subjected to a declaration of conformity. All wall-mounting enclosures comply with standards for protection against the increased risk of explosion in atmospheres charged with gas (G) and/or dust (D). The Universal Enclosures offer, designed to be used in group II, is classified as category 2.


  • Range :

•  Spacial S3DEX: 

-  Industrial environments
-  Equipment rooms

•  Spacial S3XEX: 

-  Laboratories
-  Food and beverage industries
-  Specific demands in terms of hygiene and corrosion

•  Thalassa PLMEX: 

-  Seaside
-  Petrochemicals
-  Highly corrosive environments


  • Benefits:

•  Choice of 3 materials: the ATEX offer comes in 3 types of material (steel, stainless steel and polyester) and provides flexibility of choice according to the environmental conditions

•  Choice of dimensions: derived from the standard offer design, the offer presents a wide choice of dimensions

•  Choice of accessories: a lot of the standard offer accessories are common to the ATEX offer and its 3 types of materials

•  High dust protection: the wall mounting enclosures provide a degree of protection IP66 and reach the highest level (dust tight) of classification according to the IEC61241-1 standard for “protection by enclosure”

•  Quality level: certification of product and manufacturing plants guarantee observance and consistency of the quality level


  • Applications in the following industries and sectors:

•  Chemical and petrochemical industry
•  Offshore sector
•  Foods industry
•  Flour mills
•  Wood and aluminium workshops
•  Grain drying areas
•  Gas stations

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