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Socomec STATYS XS 16 and 32 A - Rack mounted

Socomec STATYS XS 16 and 32 A - Rack mounted

Industrial and Transformer-based UPS

Reliable transfer system for redundant power supply 16 and 32 A - Rack mounted

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  • Ensured power continuity:

• Provides redundant power supply to single-corded IT equipment
• Powered by two separate independent sources
• A competitive alternative to redundant power supply (dual-corded) in the equipment cabinet in terms of price and features
• Fast transfer time without source overlapping (ITI curve compliant)
• Maintenance-free equipment


  • Easy rack integration:

• Easy installation in 19” rack cabinets
• Compact enclosure saving valuable cabinet rack space
• Plug and Play devices pre-configured according to Socomec's STS field experience
• Easy and quick connection of the loads via multiple IEC 320 outlets
• Integrated back feed protection device even easier the electrical integration


  • Hot-swappable version:

• Easy extraction and replacement of controle and power unit without load interruption
• Reduced MTTR
• Front monted double bypass protected against miss manipulation
• Flexible load conection via fully rated terminal (up to 35mm²) or locking IEC plugs


  • Agile and easy-to-use:

• Front panel with LCD display for intuitive control and easy management
• Source selection from the front panel without modifying the cabling
• Automatic and manual transfer
• Synchronized and non-synchronised sources management
• LCD display of all input and output values
• Configuration tool for easy customisation of rated voltage, monitoring parameters/tolerances, functionalities and operation


  • Flexible remote management:

•    Remote management via LAN networks (SNMP).
•    Real-time monitoring (RS485).
•    Configurable dry contacts communication port via local setup connection.
•    USB port & RS232 port for STATYS XS local monitoring.


  • Приложения:

• Rack servers
• IT networking
• Hubs & routers

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