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Schneider Electric Symmetra PX

Schneider Electric Symmetra PX

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS

Symmetra PX. Scalable from 10 kW to 500 kW. Parallel capable up to 2,000 kW.

Seamlessly integrating into today’s state-of-the-art data center designs, the Symmetra PX UPSs are true modular systems. The Symmetra PX UPSs are built from swappable modules — power, battery, intelligence, and bypass — all engineered into a design that is easily and efficiently serviceable. This architecture can scale power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required. Optional N+1 module-level redundancy further enhances power protection and peace of mind without increasing the footprint of your power protection solution.


  • Ползи: 

• Swappable power, battery, and intelligence modules
• Automatic internal bypass
• Self-diagnosing, field-replaceable modules
• Redundant intelligence module
• Swappable static bypass switch
• Configurable for N+0 or N+1 module-level redundancy
• Lowers maintenance and replacement costs with modular architecture


  • Scalability:

• Extended battery runtime available
• Scalable power modules
• Swappable battery modules
• Aesthetic NetShelterTM form factor


  • Приложения:

• For small, medium, and large data centers

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