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Pilz устройства за ръчно управление PITjog

Pilz устройства за ръчно управление PITjog

PIT контролни и сигнални устройства

Изборът на правилното контролно/сигнално устройство е ключов фактор за безопасността на човека и машината.

Manual control units are used when work is being carried out in a plant or machine's danger zone. Use manually operated control devices, for example, to control machine functions by hand while the safety gate is opened.


  • The advantages of the control devices at a glance

• Ability to work safely inside a plant or machine's danger zone
• Easy to monitor processes with the safety gate open
• Ergonomically moulded housing for comfortable operation


  • Features of the control devices

• Plastic housing with three pushbuttons
• Two pushbuttons for two-hand function and one pushbutton for the reset function
• Protection type IP50
• Robust synthetic housing
• Simple operation via pushbutton
• Lightweight
• Coiled cable provides a large operating range
• Secure storage within its retainer


  • Hazards under control

Use the control devices for personal protection from potentially hazardous conditions. This is particularly relevant when the effect of the safety devices has to be partially or fully overridden while the machine is in a special operating mode.


  • The application areas for control devices usually include:

• Machine set-up
• Servicing work
• Process monitoring
• Test operations

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