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ILME високо- температурни кожуси и основи

ILME високо- температурни кожуси и основи

Устойчиви до 180° С

Series specifically developed for industrial applications where the ambient temperatures are particularly harsh (from -40°C to +180°C).

Available in the sizes “21.21”, “44.27”, “57.27”, “77.27”, “104.27” and “104.62”, to be used in combination with the available connector inserts suitable for high temperatures up to 180 °C made by selfextinguishing thermoplastic material (>PPS< polyphenylene sulphide). All these enclosures except those sized “21.21” have supplementary insulating strips inside. This enclosure series is distinguished by the red colour.


  • Характеристики:

• Enclosure body made of die cast aluminium alloy › Chromate conversion coating, RoHS 2 conform, on the enclosure body die casts
• Coated with special high temperatures resistant, red coloured thermosetting powder
• Flange and interface sealing gaskets (as applicable) in FKM, anti-aging heat resistant Fluoroelastomer
• Locking device with lever(s), springs and pegs in stainless steel
• Single-block locking lever handles in stainless steel (for “21.21” sized CKA…R/ MKA…R,
• “44.16” sized CZ…R and MZ...R, and “104.62”sized CH…R 48 … and, MH…R 48 … versions)
• Locking lever handles in die-cast aluminium alloy with the same special coating as the
• Еnclosure body (for CH…R 10, 16, 24 and MH…R 10, 16, 24 versions)

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