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Socomec W-BMS – Wireless Battery Monitoring System

Socomec W-BMS – Wireless Battery Monitoring System

UPS Management

Permanent monitoring of your batteries for extended service life

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The battery is a key component in the operation of a UPS. W-BMS is an effective battery monitoring solution which maximises the availability of the supply in applications where power continuity is vital.


  • Anticipate malfunctions:

•  W-BMS is a vital tool in the continuous supply of critical systems and performs preventative battery monitoring.
•  This solution provides the opportunity to eliminate any unscheduled power cut due to battery failure


  • Make cost savings

W-BMS enables you to make operating savings by:

•  Improving UPS uptime
•  Reducing maintenance operations by 75%
•  Maximizing battery return on investment
•  Anticipating battery malfunctions
•  Guaranteeing the safety of maintenance personnel


  • Ensure the continuity and safety of the supply to critical loads:

•  It is vital always to know the operating status of the lead acid batteries supplying critical applications

•  W-BMS ensures that these are in good condition and will work when you need them

•  Unlike other battery monitoring systems, W-BMS has been specifically designed to monitor the impedance of the different battery monoblocs every day

•  By avoiding the time-consuming and potentially dangerous manual method of testing individual batteries, W-BMS increases the likelihood of identifying a power failure and greatly increases the safety of maintenance personnel


  • Technical advantages:

•  Easy to use
•  Easy to set up
•  Trend analysis to guard against breakdowns
•  Remote monitoring
•  Remote alarm notification
•  Data acquisition
•  Analysis software

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