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W-Type – кожуси и основи

W-Type – кожуси и основи

Метални кожуси за агресивни среди

Series W-TYPE connector enclosures for aggressive environments is specially designed for industrial applications where particularly aggressive external agents are present (e.g. salty environments, etc.).

The range includes enclosures in the 7 basic sizes (size 21.21 for CKA..W and MKA..W models, sizes 44.27, 57.27, 77.27 and 104.27 for CH..W, CA..W and MH..W, MA..W models, sizes 49.16 and 66.16 for CZ..W and MZ..W models) and in the 3 double sizes (sizes 66.40 also known as 50 poles, 77.62 a.k.a. 32 poles, 104.62 a.k.a. 48 poles).
Series W-TYPE enclosures may be bulkhead mounting, surfacemounting or hood type with side or top entry. They are distinguished by the jet black RAL 9005 colour and have the following characteristics:
- chromate conversion treatment of castings RoHS 2 compliant, providing 50% improved corrosion in resistance in salt spray tests (according to UNI EN ISO 9227) compared to the previous green coloured versions;
- thermosetting epoxy powder coating (with improved resistance to chemicals compared to epoxy polyester of the standard enclosures series);
- FKM fluoroelastomer gaskets (with improved resistance to chemicals and aging);
- ambient temperature limits from -40 °C to +125 °C.

Upon connector complete and fitted with suitably rated cable glands or conduit fittings, series W-TYPE enclosures guarantee a degree of protection IP44 (for size 21.21, IP66/IP67 using CKR 65(D) kit), or IP66 (all other sizes) as well as IP69 according to EN 60529 (the IPX9 test recently added to this standard covers resistance to high pressure and temperature water jetting, jets applied at 80 °C (± 5 °C) at a pressure of 80 bar to 100 bar, 30 s for each angle of inclination 0°, 30°, 60° and 90° with reference to the horizontal plane). Series W-TYPE enclosures can accommodate all connector inserts with either crimp, screw, spring or the innovative SQUICH® connection.

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