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Scame Wallbox BE-W BASIC

Scame Wallbox BE-W BASIC

Стенни зареждащи станции

Wallbox BE-W BASIC е идеален за монтаж на стена и употреба в частни жилища. Може да бъде свързан като допълнително устройство"Slave" в мрежа управлявана от зарядна станция"Master" от Scame.

  • The BE-W Wall Box is available in 4 versions:

• Basic/Free for areas closed to the public,
• Personal/RFID for controlled access,
• Web/Net for management via smartphone or use in closed networks,
• Power Management for charging based on domestic loads.

All Scame BE-W Wall Boxes are equipped with Child Safety Shutter protections to guarantee maximum safety and are available in versions 3.7 - 7.4 - 11 - 22 kW.

The BASIC-FREE version of the BE-W WALL BOX, compliant with «MODE 3» of the international standard IEC/EN 61851-1, is a charging station suitable for wall-mounted installation in private locations. It is ideal for installation in domestic settings such as: garages and private car parks that don't need controlled access insofar as use is normally limited to a few people and almost exclusively to the owners themselves of the means.
The BE-W Wall Box in Basic/Free mode is available in different versions: «tethered», that is with incorporated cable, with or without on-board protections, with energy meter, with type 2 socket or type 3A socket, with «DC Leakage» device.
BASIC-FREE versions can be connected as a «SLAVE» in a network system controlled by a «MASTER» station (WEB-NET versions).


Rated current: 16 A / 32 A 
Rated voltage:     230 V AC / 400 V AC 
Frequency: 50-60 Hz 
Insulation voltage: 250 V / 500 V 

Protection degree:
Active parts protection: IPXXD 
Operating ambient temperature: -25°C +40°C 
Material: Technopolymer
Glow Wire test: 650°C 
IK grade at 20°C: IK08 
Colour: Grey 
Installation: Wall-mounted
Saline solution: Resistant 
UV rays: Resistant


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