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Schneider Electric XM ATEX D

Schneider Electric XM ATEX D

XM електромеханични датчици за контрол на налягане и вакуум ATEX D

Hazardous dust location switches and sensors; Sensors certified for explosive dust atmospheres.

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  • Some machine applications create potentially explosive atmospheres, making reliable detection even more critical.

According to the European Directive, an explosive dust atmosphere is created when the air is mixed with a flammable dust which, in the event of combustion, would spread throughout the particles in the air which were not initially ignited.


  • Potentially explosive dust can be produced for:

 •  A specific purpose (manufacturing flour or sugar, ...)

 •  Generated when processing of solid materials (sawdust from cutting wood, ...)

 •  Result from the abrasion of solid material during transport (producing cereals, ...)

 •  All companies where such manufacturing is processed will face a risk of explosion


  • Sensors with International Certification

The Telemecanique Sensors line of hazardous dust atmosphere sensors are compliant with the global international standard IECEx and the latest European ATEX directive. By choosing a Telemecanique Sensor product for your hazardous dust machine application, you are choosing a sensor that has been tested and certified to perform in a manner compliant with these prominent, established safety standards. When a hazardous atmosphere environment is a part of your machine application, don’t take chances. Trust the Global Sensor experts with products specifically certified for hazardous dust locations.



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