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Schunk затягащи системи

Schunk затягащи системи

SCHUNK competence for efficiency and flexibility

Прецизните държачи за инструменти SCHUNK са отговорни за най-важния процес, водещ до оптимални резултати.

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In tool production and in the context of sharpening, a few thousandths of millimeters determine the quality of the finished blades. SCHUNK precision toolholders are responsible for the most important process leading to optimum results.

he SCHUNK systems offer the perfect solution for any application, even for automated production. The decisive advantage for the user: cost reduction while increasing process reliability and quality.


  • Our performance promise. Your benefits:

•  Especially slim interfering contour for improved interference between grinding wheel and toolholder

•  Extremely large clamping depth for special tools with large shank lengths

•  Optimal shape accuracy, surface quality, and run-out accuracy of the tool's cutting edge for a better chip sliding and providing an even cutting action

•  Versatile clamping range due to the use of intermediate sleeves

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