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ZENITH-P Series control station

ZENITH-P Series control station

Серия ZENITH-P контролни станции

The empty enclosures in the ZENITH-P Series made by SCAME are approved with component certification (“U”). This partial certificate can be used as a basis for the certification of a complete system or to guarantee IP66 and/or Zone 2/22 protection in applications in the self-certification scheme.

They are suitable for installation in environments with classification Ex zone 1/Gb -2/Gc (due to the presence of gases, vapours and mists in group IIC) and/or zone 21/Db - 22/Dc (due to the presence of the combustible dust in group IIIC). The ZENITH-P Series can be customised as a control station. The control stations can be assembled to house a broad range of actuators and components with separate ATEX-IECEx certification, including buttons, indicators, selectors, analogue instruments, etc. It is also possible to customise units including MCB, MCBO, RCD, transformers, disconnectors, fuses, timer or thermal relays, all with “Ex db eb” certification. They are available in preconfigured versions.

Основни параметри:



Работна температура

-60°C …+75°C

Работна височина

0...2000 m (6561.6 ft)

Сертификати на продукти






CE marking

CB Scheme

cULus Listed

cURus Recognized



Съответствие със стандарти



IEC/EN 60079-0, -7, -11, -18,  -31

IECEx IMQ 19.0004 U

IECEx IMQ 19.0005 X

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