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Easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable HMI/SCADA software for PCs, industrial panels, embedded & mobile devices

HMI/SCADA software capable of scaling from small footprint edge devices and embedded machine HMI to robust SCADA applications. AVEVA Edge contains IIoT and edge device management capabilities, easy web publishing, and over 250 native communication protocols by Schneider Electric.

AVEVA Edge enables OEMs, panel builders, system integrators, and end users to create intuitive, secure, and highly scalable HMI and SCADA applications for any industry.


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Facts about AVEVA Edge

• AVEVA Edge can be deployed on small-footprint embedded devices with support for Linux, Windows Embedded, Windows CE, or in full-featured SCADA/HMI systems running current Microsoft operating systems.

• Build robust HMI solutions for any industry, and deploy them on any device. A native HTML5 interface allows you to access the graphical interface from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets.

• AVEVA Edge offers over 250 native communication drivers for every major manufacturer of PLCs and controllers. Support for OPC UA, DA, XML, and .NET, and interoperability protocols like SNMP and MQTT. With driver toolkits available, you never have to worry about communicating with your hardware.


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• Interoperability in AVEVA Edge brings native integration with the AVEVA portfolio that makes it easy to integrate data sources and hardware from Schneider Electric.


• Access your AVEVA Edge applications from almost any device. With HTML5-based web publishing and runtimes for Windows and Linux, you can monitor and control your SCADA or HMI application via smartphone, tablet, or PC.


• Deployment is easy with AVEVA Edge runtimes available for Windows or Linux. Develop your application once, then deploy it to Linux-based edge devices, PCs, or industrial computers.


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• Oil and Gas

• Mining

• Minerals and Cement

• Metals

• Food and Beverage

• Water and Wasterwater

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