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Cognex - Designer

Cognex - Designer

Graphical development interface featuring VisionPro vision tools

Professional graphical user interface for 2D and 3D application development

Cognex DesignerCognex Designer makes it faster to build complete vision applications and allows developers to more easily take full advantage of the powerful VisionPro tool library.

A graphical, block diagram-based programming environment reduces development cycles and enables easier application maintenance and support. Cognex Designer makes it easy to develop, deploy, and maintain vision applications without needing scripting or programming. Powerful interfaces can be built easily by dropping components onto a page.


  • Simplify complex applications without losing functionality

Cognex Designer offers full access to VisionPro’s library of 2D and 3D vision tools in a convenient drag-and-drop format that speeds application set-up and reduces development time. With Designer, users can configure acquisition, select and optimize vision tools, interface with an industry-standard I/O, and make pass/fail decisions without programming. Enjoy a built-in HMI user interface and custom plugins for hardware including robots, motion stages, and machine control.


Cognex Designer application set-up Build complete vision applications in four steps

With Cognex Designer, application set-up is quick and easy:

• Configure application - Use interactive edit controls to set vision tool properties. Add plug-ins for external hardware devices such as 3D sensors, cameras, and I/O devices
• Develop HMI—Create a professional runtime operator interface to monitor and control your vision application
• Connect—Configure I/O and factory floor communications, control motion equipment, and archive results
• Deploy—Install on a vision controller or industrial PC with Windows


  • Option to include breakthrough deep learning-based image analysisBrain on computer - Cognex Deep Learning - Locate, Analyze, Classify, Read

Cognex Designer is now equipped with VisionPro Deep Learning, the first deep learning-based software dedicated to industrial image analysis. This breakthrough technology is optimized for complex cosmetic inspection and challenging optical character recognition, outperforming the best quality inspectors. With the Cognex ViDi plug-in, Designer enables the use of ViDi software.


  • Integrated, universal communications and image acquisition

With Cognex Designer, users get robust vision software on any industrial camera or frame grabber. Cognex acquisition technology supports all types of image capture: analog, digital, color, monochrome, area scan, line scan, high resolution, multi-channel, and multiplexed. In addition, Cognex supports hundreds of industrial cameras and video formats covering the complete range of acquisition requirements typically used in machine vision. Get fast, integrated image acquisition using Cognex Industrial Cameras (CIC), GigE Vision, Camera Link, or frame grabbers.

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