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Schneider Electric Compact INS/INV

Schneider Electric Compact INS/INV

Мощностни разединители от 40 до 2500 А

Товарови прекъсвачи ниско напрежение от Schneider Electric.

  • Характеристики

• Nominal current: 40 to 2500 A
• Rated operational current for AC22A, AC23A and DC22A, DC23A
• High short-circuit making capacity for the switch disconnector alone and with upstream protection circuit breaker
• High short-time withstanding current
• 3 and 4 pole versions available
• IP66 and IP55 local isolation enclosure
• Suitable for isolation with positive contact indication
• Locking by up to three padlocks or lead-sealed in the off position
For more information, download the ComPact INS/INV switch disconnectors catalog


  • Ползи

Optimize for safety
• Ensures disconnection, even in case of high short-circuit currents
• Efficient installation
• Reduce inventory with shared accessories across the ComPact NSX, ComPact NS and MasterPact ranges 

• Easy connection to Linergy devices
• Linked to Smart Panels for remote access for information regarding its state


  • Applications

Suitable in most low voltage (LV) applications, including:
• Power distribution incomers for large buildings (commercial buildings, offices, etc. ) 
• Sub-distribution incomers for mid-size buildings (hotel, hospitals, etc.)
• Final distribution outgoers and local isolation and for industrial applications
• Source-changeover systems (TransferPact): service sector (hospital operating rooms, computer rooms, etc.), industry (assembly lines, ship engine rooms, etc.), infrastructures (runway, railway, etc.)
• Specific applications: photovoltaic and emergency-off versions available
• Applications in the harshest environments (tunnels); IP66 enclosed
• Ensures compliance with international standards (Find on ComPact INS/INV certificate downloads):
• IEC 60947-1 and 3
• Other local certifications and Marine classifications

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