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Schneider Electric ConneXium Network Manager

Schneider Electric ConneXium Network Manager

Industrial Ethernet network management software

ConneXium Network Manager enables constant monitoring and supervision of the network’s condition, acting similarly to a SCADA system.

  • Характеристики:

The CNM software for configuration and management of industrial Ethernet networks provides a live visualization of network topology, delivering a complete picture of network performance at any given moment.
ConneXium Network Manager enables constant monitoring and supervision of the network’s condition, acting similarly to a SCADA system. Control engineers can use it to configure and commission their networks, as well as identify changes and issues. A clear graphic representation of network architecture is updated dynamically to reflect the current status of connections between devices. This means that any change in configuration or cabling is immediately implemented in the view, and more details on each event can be accessed through a dedicated tab.
The user interface was designed for use by automation and controls engineers rather than as an IT application. CNM has a Client - Server Architecture, only the server is licensed, all client stations are free.

• Multiple language support, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese.
• Discover managed and unmanaged network devices.
• Automatically discovers and draws a map of interconnected devices.
• 60 day fully functional trial period.
• Provides interfaces to SCADA systems via an built-in SNMP OPC server.


  • Ползи:

CNM empowers control engineers to supervise their network in real time

• ConneXium Network Manager simplifies the baselining and documentation of network performance and settings. With a reporting tool that allows trending of any chosen parameter, you can identify and react to issues before they cause downtime. ConneXium Network Manager offers features particularly helpful to manage large networks. Thanks to automated execution of tasks, you can perform actions such as password changes or firmware updates on many devices at the same time.
• ConneXium Network Manager allows you to proactively manage your network by providing notification of network errors and configuration changes. Network performance thresholds and alerts are user configurable. CNM provides insight to your Industrial Ethernet network.
• ConneXium Network Manager is part of the comprehensive range of industrial networking solutions from Schneider Electric. It is fully compatible with the Ethernet infrastructure devices within the range, as well as the integrated PlantStruxure architecture system for process management.


  • Приложения:

• Industrial plant

• Infrastructure

• Remote system monitoring of Ethernet devices

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