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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Machine Advisor

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Machine Advisor

Digital Services for machines

EcoStruxure Machine Advisor is the new digital cloud-based services platform. It enables machine builders to provide new services to machine operators for each installed machine in any production site worldwide.

  • EcoStruxure Machine Advisor allows you to create the optimum framework conditions for perfect and reliable machine operation by offering functionalities for:

• Localizing and tracking machines, assigning for documentation, machine history and machine task management
• Monitoring machine performance with individual dashboards, predicting machine maintenance and sending notification in case of need 
• Troubleshooting and fixing the machines with cloud-based software tools


  • Характеристики:


• Manage your machine's fleet (bill of materials, documents, architecture, etc).
• Log all activities done on a machine.
• Manage time-based maintenance tasks for a machine.
• Asset management with public and private device catalogs



• Collect and visualize machine data.
• Increase machine availability thanks to anomaly detection via analytics.
• Get notified of asset anomaly detection, warning or logical combination.
• Create and manage dashboards.
• Add and configure versatile widgets for KPIs, including OEE, energy consumption, machine performance, and more.



• Use Software as a Service in the cloud to fix machine issues.
• Improve your machine code quality, code maintainability and development efficiency with code analysis.


  • Ползи:


• A unique platform for machine builders to access, manage, and analyze comprehensive machine data throughout the entire lifecycle.


• Provide new services to machine operators at any location.


• Operational data for evolution of machines.


• Enjoy the benefits of worldwide availability of cloud-based software tools.

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