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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Pumping Performance Advisor

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Pumping Performance Advisor

Continuous improvement for pumping stations

Digital services for the continuous improvement of pumping in water and wastewater, addressing challenges such as cost of water, while maximizing the return on your assets for 24/7 operations.

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EcoStruxure Pumping Performance Advisor is a digital service designed to manage your pump station performance through insights, recommendations and direct access to our service team of engineers. Targeted installations are pumping stations in medium or large size water and wastewater systems with reservoir emptying or filling application.


  • Optimize your business

• Up to 15% savings on annual operational expenditure
• Results with sustainable improvements within the first 3 months
• Decide and act based on facts and figures

Tackle operating expenditures. Manage energy, maintenance, and operations, with optimized balancing between performance, risks and costs.


  • Improve your management capabilities with:

• Baseline and targets
• Levers of improvement
• Potential savings
• Follow-up
• KPIs and metrics


  • Our experts help you to:

• Identify the target
• Provide recommendations
• Deliver implementation guide
• Track improvements


  • Ползи:

Reduce energy costs

• Operate at lower specific energy, adopt the most efficient control strategy, and optimize the charges on your energy bill.

Reduce maintenance costs

• Improve the operating condition of pumps, optimize the inspection contract, and maintain and protect your assets when necessary.

Reduce operating costs

• Enhanced monitoring, advanced alarming, AND management synthesis with relevant insights and KPIs.

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