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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Automation Expert

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Automation Expert

Software-centric industrial automation system

Software-centric industrial automation system creating step-change improvements throughout your complete operational lifecycle by Schneider Electric.

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  • With EcoStruxure Automation Expert, our next-generation industrial automation system, you can:

• Improve your entire lifecycle and reimagine automation.

• Decouple the automation application from the runtime hardware for remarkable agility.

• Native IT/OT convergence to easily integrate advanced IT applications, tools, and technologies for industrial use.

• Asset-centric design with ready-to-use asset models to eliminate low value tasks, making it easier to wrap and reuse portable automation objects for maximum engineering efficiency.


  • Facts about EcoStruxure Automation Expert

EcoStruxure Automation Expert will help you rethink engineering by taking a software-centric approach that: 

• Automates low-value engineering tasks, so engineers are free to innovate and focus on adding high value.

• Enables efficient wrap and reuse of automation objects to ensure you can make the most of what you already have and easily update and upgrade.

• Provides rapid agility to process changes – so you can design and reconfigure processes on the fly. 

• Bridges the division between IT and OT systems, so you can create operational effectiveness we could only dream of a decade ago.

• Is vendor-agnostic - EcoStruxure Automation Expert has been developed, following the IEC 61499 standard for portability and interoperability.


  • Ползи:

• Accelerate time to market and free engineers to innovate.

• Achieve step-change improvements.

• Make the most of what you have and easily update as you go.

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