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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Clean-in-Place Advisor

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Clean-in-Place Advisor

Digital quality management solution for clean in place operations

Track & fine tune CIP operations to guarantee food safety, improve traceability, and reduce operating costs.

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  • EcoStruxure Clean-in-Place Advisor enables the digital transformation of CIP operations while ensuring food safety, improved traceability, and reduced operating cost. It contributes to the digitalization of quality management by:

• Collecting real-time data and providing trends for continuous CIP operations improvement.
• Providing better transparency of the CIP process through data analytics by discovering underlying issues.
• Better optimization and monitoring of the CIP process while delivering the level of traceability as per the regulatory standards.


  • Характеристики:

Day to day tool for CIP diagnosis and continuous improvement

• Real-time data collection with tools and features for highlighting issues and inefficiencies to facilitate detailed diagnostics of CIP operations
• Better transparency on the CIP process with data analytics to understand the cause of possible deviations.
• Dynamic dashboards for a complete top-to-bottom analysis and reports for an in-depth understanding.
• Collaborative features for managing workflow, mailing, alarming, and other tasks.
• Continuous rule management features.


  • CIP operations aligned with the standards

• Provide the level of traceability in compliance with regulations and standards.
• Enable data integrity to keep your data always available and secured in the database.
• Allow for design and instrumentation checks.


  • Agnostic and compatible solution

• Independent platform with smooth integration with all kinds of PLCs
• Synergetic with WonderWare System Platform (AVEVA) and ProLeiT Plant iT
• Ability to work with different kind of sensors and suppliers


  • More exciting features

• Easy to install 
• Modular solution and flexible pricing
• Unlimited number of tags to be monitored
• Average ROI < 2 years


  • Ползи:

Assured food safety

• Get exceptional cleaning quality with EcoStruxure Clean-in-Place Advisor that follows strict hygienic standards and regulatory compliances.

Improved traceability

• Document the evidence of proper cleaning by getting quick and easy access to entire cleaning data.

Reduced CIP consumptions

• Reduce costs through water, chemical and energy savings.

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