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Mitsubishi Electric CC-Link IE TSN

Mitsubishi Electric CC-Link IE TSN

Open integrated networking across the manufacturing enterprise

Leveraging an integrated and open network utilizing TSN technology realizes real-time data collection from the shop floor to IT systems

CC-Link IE TSN supports TCP/IP communications and applies it to industrial architectures through its support of TSN enabling real-time communications. With its flexible system architecture and extensive setup and troubleshooting features make CC-Link IE TSN ideal for building an IIoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise.

*TSN: Time Sensitive Networking
*IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things


  • What is Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)?

TSN is the IEEE-defined standard technology that enables deterministic messaging on standard Ethernet. The technology ensures deterministic communications by utilizing the time synchronization method (IEEE 802.1AS) and time-sharing method (IEEE 802.1Qbv). With the addition of these standards to Ethernet technology, real-time control communication and non-real time information communication can be mixed, which is not possible with conventional Ethernet communications.


CC-Link IE TSN is an open industrial network inheriting the easy diagnostics of the CC-Link IE Field Network, the large-capacity data communications of the CC-Link IE Control Network, and the high-performance motion control features of SSCNET. Through the incorporation of TSN technology, this network further leverages control system performance to realize an open integrated network with advanced functionality.




  • Performance

Current manufacturing trends are utilizing AI and predictive maintenance to ensure high productivity and quality are achieved simultaneously. This requires high-speed communication and deterministic control of large volumes of data to IT systems. The innovative communication technology of CC-Link IE TSN increases communication performance, enables highly accurate motion control and high‑speed I/O control without adversely affecting operating performance.


  • Intelligence

Intelligent networks that support industrial communications to realize easy device setup and preventive maintenance are essential for efficient operations. CC‑Link IE TSN supports third‑party diagnostic software, enabling troubleshooting of network devices (including standard Ethernet). Network event errors are time-stamped, enabling the actual cause of error to be easily evaluated. In addition, automatic generation of network system architectures and parameters simplifies commissioning.


  • Connectivity

CC-Link IE TSN is the key to realizing real-time communication in manufacturing systems utilizing TCP/IP-compatible Ethernet‑based networks. It also enables third‑party networks and standard Ethernet devices such as vision sensors and wireless routers to be integrated, and has multiple topology possibilities in support of highly scalable and flexible system architectures.


  • Reducing overall operating time with high-speed link scan  

The advanced protocol built into CC-Link IE TSN is complemented by the time-sharing method functionality that enables bidirectional communications between network stations. This realizes fast communication cycle time of just 31.25 μs and high-speed processing 16 times faster than current network performance, resulting in high‑speed, highly accurate motion control. Productivity is simultaneously improved owing to a substantial increase in control performance, which reduces overall operating time.

Reducing overall operating time with high-speed link scan


*1. Comparison with CC-Link IE Field Motion

*2. Comparison with CC-Link IE Field Network


  • Deterministic control even when mixed with TCP/IP communicationTSN Technology

Deterministic performance of cyclic communication is maintained even when mixed with slower information data (non real-time). This enables TCP/IP communication devices to be used without affecting overall control.


Deterministic control even when mixed with TCP/IP communication


  • Optimum control when mixing devices with different communication cyclesTSN Technology

Communication cycle 3 set points
High-speed communication devices ideal for high-speed, highly accurate control and slower response devices ideal for monitoring can be connected using the same line by separating the communication cycle according to speed. This can maximize productivity by using optimum communication cycles based on device performance, such as remote stations that require high-speed control and status monitoring stations that operate at lower communication speeds.

Optimum control when mixing devices with different communication cycles


  • Realize high-accuracy synchronous controlTSN Technology

Synchronization accuracy ±1µs Max. number of synchronized axes: 256 axes
Servo amplifier and other slave stations can be connected on the same network, enabling synchronous motion control between servo motors and slave stations.

Realize high-accuracy synchronous control


  • Auto-generation of network parameters

Automatic generation of system parameters is relatively easy; simply connect the engineering software with the network master station. New parameters are reflected automatically even when the system configuration changes, reducing overall network setup time.

Auto-generation of network parameters


  • Easier troubleshooting using third-party Ethernet diagnostic tools supporting SNMP

General Ethernet diagnostics software compatible with SNMP*1 can be used for monitoring CC-Link IE TSN and Ethernet network devices. In addition to providing detailed diagnostics of devices supported by CC-Link IE TSN, system-wide diagnostic analysis and monitoring across the entire network are possible.

Easier troubleshooting using third-party Ethernet diagnostic tools supporting SNMP


*1. SNMP: Simple network management protocol


  • Error cause analysis with highly precise time synchronization

Highly accurate time synchronization accuracy within ±1μs and each station connected to the network sharing time stamp information in 1 ms units improves system diagnostics and troubleshooting by enabling sequential analysis of stations in the network. The error history is displayed consecutively based on time stamp data, enabling accurate analysis of the cause of error using the actual time the event occurred.

Error cause analysis with highly precise time synchronization


  • Combining with safety communications

CC-Link IE TSN enables control of safety and non-safety communications realizing a flexible system whereby safety communications can be easily incorporated into the main control network. Safety monitoring functions such as (STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SBC, SSM) are also supported for drive-control devices that are on the network.

Combining with safety communications


*2. When mixing 100 Mbps with 1 Gbps-rated devices on the same network, connect the 100 Mbps device after a device supporting 1 Gbps (class B).


  • Ensure latest functional version with firmware update

CC-Link IE TSN-compatible devices can be updated, ensuring latest functional version modules.

Ensure latest functional version with firmware update


*3. To obtain the CC-Link IE TSN Firmware Update Tool and relevant firmware update files, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.


  • Combining real-time control and TCP/IP communication

Supporting standard Ethernet enables various network-compatible devices and diagnostic software to be used, realizing an integrated network infrastructure that is easy to maintain. Ethernet communications supporting TCP/IP communication such as information that has been collected and analyzed by edge devices and IT systems can be mixed in the same line with the real-time control communications of CC-Link IE TSN.

Combining real-time control and TCP/IP communication


  • Easy replacement of slave devices

Network station parameters that are stored in the CPU module are automatically distributed to slave modules when initializing the network and when returning disconnected stations to the network. Individual registration of the parameters to each station is unnecessary after replacing slave devices.

Easy replacement of slave devices


  • Flexible system configuration with multiple topologies

Line, star, and ring topologies are supported, allowing a flexible system configuration. Use line topology for highspeed, high-performance control. This is realized when a system is configured with CC-CC IE TSN-compatible slave devices only without additional branch lines. Choose a star topology if a more flexible system configuration is needed. Depending on Ethernet switch specifications, slave devices can be easily distributed to achieve the desired system configuration. Ring topology is ideal for systems requiring high reliability. Data communications can be maintained with normal stations even if a cable is disconnected or an error occurs in one of the slave stations.

Flexible system configuration with multiple topologies


  • Highly scalable system utilizing best-in-class devices

Supports implementation of high-performance devices realized with a dedicated ASIC/FPGA, and low‑cost devices using a software protocol stack on a standard Ethernet chip.

Highly scalable system utilizing best-in-class devices

Item Configuration 1 Configuration 2 Configuration 3 Configuration 4
System configuration System configuration : Configuration 1 System configuration : Configuration 2 System configuration : Configuration 3 System configuration : Configuration 4
Transmission speed
1 Gbps
100 Mbps


*1. Hardware master/slave: Development with dedicated LSI (ASIC, FPGA)

*2. Software master/slave: Development with software protocol stack (standard Ethernet chip)


  • System configuration

System configuration


  • Flexible IIoT system configuration

CC-Link IE TSN utilizes TSN technology together with its support of TCP/IP communications enables mixing of information communication (non real-time) with Ethernet communication devices. This allows TCP/IP communication devices to be used without affecting real-time deterministic communications, thereby giving greater flexibility when connecting machines and equipment.


  • Increased productivity

Improved communication performance enables shorter production cycle time. Compared to current systems, adding further control axes and remote I/Os is much easier. In addition, optimum communication cycle times can be realized by supporting both high-speed and low‑speed cycle communications according to device specifications.


  • Reduce startup, engineering and maintenance costs

Through its support of SNMP, general Ethernet diagnostics software can be used to identify the network-related errors of CC-Link IE TSN and Ethernet devices more easily. The internal clocks of devices can be synchronized to within the microsecond, making it possible to log historical events in sequence and easily identify the cause of an error.


  • Various development methods available supporting different products

Product development for CC-Link IE TSN partner product vendors is relatively simple since various options are available. These include a dedicated ASIC/FPGA option for devices that require high performance, and a software protocol stack suitable for lower cost devices that can utilize a general Ethernet chip for network implementation.

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