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Mitsubishi Electric M700V/M70V/E70 Series

Mitsubishi Electric M700V/M70V/E70 Series

Mitsubishi Electric M700V/M70V/E70 Series

The Mitsubishi Electric's M70 Series inherits the highly accurate nano-control technology of our popular M700V Series, and its models are being used a benchmark examples for setting new standards in the industry. Also featured are network CNCs specially designed for automotive production lines, drive units, servo and spindle motors and peripheral tools.

M700V Series

• High-grade Mitsubishi CNC M700V Series, equipped with advanced complete nano control.
• The latest RISC-CPU is installed to achieve advanced complete nano control
• High-accuracy machining with complete nano control
• Easy operability that significantly reduces machining setup time


  • M70V Series  

• Global standard Mitsubishi CNC pursuing high speed and accuracy
• Enhanced machining accuracy and reduced tact time
• Easy and advanced operation contributing to setup time reduction
• Compact size


C70 Series  

• iQ Platform compatible CNC C70 Series incorporated with Mitsubishi’s state-of-the-art technologies
• Compatible with the Mitsubishi FA integrated solution, “iQ Platform”
• High-performance CNC integrated with high-speed PLC offers high-speed control to reduce cycle time
• A wide variety of FA products helps construct flexible lines

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