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Schneider Electric Modicon MC80 Controller

Schneider Electric Modicon MC80 Controller

Powerful and cost-effective "All-in-one" compact controller

Modicon MC80 provides optimized operation, withstanding extreme conditions with high reliability and performance. It also includes special features to simplify diagnostics and automate maintenance tasks in order to reduce downtime.


  • Характеристики:

Robustly built for extreme operation: 

• Fit for purpose as a local controller

• Built to withstand extreme temperatures (-25ºC to +70ºC/-13ºF to +158ºF) to increase system availability

• Scalability, high availability, cybersecurity and data exchanges native to MC80, easy to adapt to the plant specific's characteristics

• Completely integrated with the other Modicon controllers, programmed and commissioned with EcoStruxure Control Expert


  • Flexibility in design:

• Fully distributed, scalable architecture based on an open standard that accommodates diverse topologies

• Fully integrated in Schneider Automation Platform, including EcoStruxure Control Expert configuration software

• Excellent ability to integrate external devices such as encoders and variable speed drives via I/O cards or communication ports

• Scalable and open architectures for thousands of devices


  • Ползи:

Compact controller with:

• A high-performance processor with 64-bit calculation capability

• Dual Ethernet port with embedded switch to create flexible and scalable architectures without external switches

• Integrated I/Os to interface with hard-wired devices and sensors

• A Modbus Serial link master/slave port for easy integration of local instrumentation or a portable HMI

• A CANopen master port for easy connection of devices such as encoders or variable speed drives

• Access to the PLC is password-protected. Additionally, only selected devices are allowed to connect to Modicon MC80 controllers

• Firmware upgrading is password-protected

• Memory protection mode is available via physical inputs or software configuration. The applications and user data are protected in this mode

• Run/Stop protection mode is available via physical inputs or software configuration


  • Приложения:

• Extend your process or application easily with flexible Modicon MC80 architectures or with Ethernet transparency
• Real-time data access from any location enables timely action
• Native support of RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) ring topology for network redundancy in the event of link failure

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