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Mitsubishi Electric MT Works2

Mitsubishi Electric MT Works2

Comprehensive Support for Motion Controller from Design through Maintenance

This software maximizes the Motion controller performance with overall support – from system design, startup adjustment through maintenance.

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MELSOFT MT Works2 supports entire product development cycle - parameter settings, Motion SFC programming, servo adjustment to debugging for Motion controller.


  • Easy-to-use features

• Powerful functions support Motion programming.
• One-point help eliminates the need for manuals when setting.
• "Number of pulses per rotation" and "Movement amount per rotation" are automatically calculated just by inputting mechanical specifications and gear reduction ratio.
• The Motion controller operation status can be easily confirmed through various monitoring features.
• Existing program assets can be easily imported.


  • Powerful security features protecting intellectual property

• Security key authentication function protects your project data.


  • Global realization by multi-language support

• Multiple languages (Japanese, English, and Chinese) are supported at various levels (Menu display, etc.).

Create advanced motion control systems


  • System Settings

With the highly graphical nature of the system settings screen, setting up servo amplifiers is easy. The software provides details about the parameters so they can be configured without needing to refer to a manual.


  • SFC Motion Programming

Using an SFC motion program, it is possible to write machine operations, perform monitoring, and simulate/bug test all in flowchart form. Use the instruction wizard to quickly and easily write programs.


  • Mechanical System Program Edit

Use a simple drag and drop interface to create complex synchronous control systems. Modify CAM patterns visually to further aid the design process.


  • Servo Programming Assistance

Configure advanced motion control programs without the need for a manual. Simply pick the desired servo commands from the instruction list and the help is right there. Follow the help and set items like axis number, positioning address, and positioning speed to complete the configuration.


  • Various Test Mode Functions

Run basic instructions in test mode without the need for a program. Test a new system with functions like return to home position, JOG, and others with just the click of a mouse.


  • Motion Simulator

Program debug mode and the digital oscilloscope function allow for easy testing of motion SFC programs, servo programs, and mechanical system programs all without the need for real hardware.


  • Digital Oscilloscope

Plot feedback data synchronized with motion controller data on the same graph to quickly reveal any problems. Using this feature makes start-up and commissioning quick and easy. Also MT Works2 makes it easy to save the collected data in CSV format.


  • Rich Monitor Functions

Improve installation and maintenance operation efficiency by using one of the many monitoring tools to view the motion SFC program in operation, monitor the motion controller's status, or batch monitor errors.

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