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Schneider Electric NEMA

Schneider Electric NEMA

NEMA индустриални превключватели за налягане и вакуум

The 9012G pressure switches are UL Listed and CSA certified as industrial control equipment.

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  • They are used to interface pneumatic or hydraulic systems with electrical control systems by opening or closing electrical contacts in response to pressure changes in the system.

They have outstanding repeatability and drift performance. Their efficient design uses durable, low mass components for excellent performance under heavy duty vibration and shock conditions.


  • The 9012G pressure switches line offers devices with either diaphragm or piston actuators—for optimum life, versatility, and speed of operation.

Features include the following:

• High shock resistance 

• Dual numerical range scale (psi and kPa)

• High set-point stability 

• One or two SPDT double-break contacts

• Internal or external range adjustment

• Adjustable or fixed (nonadjustable) differential

• No drain line required

• Single-stage, dual-stage, or differentialpressure operation 



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