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Weintek cMTX

Weintek cMTX

Fast, smart and reliable HMI

The cMT X Series is more than its outstanding performance. It is also the software focus on data integration, monitoring and the cloud that truly makes the cMT X the smart HMI to have.

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  • Powerful Software Features

EasyBuilder Pro is an editing software that makes creating a unique HMI project easy for everyone, providing an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing UI, useful diagnostic tools, and abundant design resources.

•  An intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface.
•  Edit complex projects with ease.
•  Stay on top of your HMI, from data monitoring, communication testing, to code debugging.
•  Verify communication and preview operation result without an actual HMI
•  Condition Feature Construct if/else logics with graphical UI instead of codes
•  Configure numerous actions with graphical UI to be triggered at once.
•  Make an eye-catching project with a variety of picture resources.



In addition to common objects such as shapes, buttons, switches, numeric displays, basic charts, and recipes, EasyBuilder Pro further empowers the HMI with advanced capabilities.

•  Multimedia Support
•  File Transfer and Access
•  Web Browser
•  Data Processing
•  Safety and Security
•  Safety and Security


  • Data Integration

•  Industrial Protocol Integration

Supported industrial protocol standards include OPC UA and Modbus TCP/IP, interconnecting all onsite devices and facilitating integration with the hosts.

•  MQTT Cloud Integration

The cMT X Series supports MQTT, a lightweight protocol that makes it easy to send telemetry to cloud and big data systems.

•  Database Integration

Send data to a database or an IT System where data can then be more efficiently processed using SQL commands.


  • Mobile Monitoring

Choose the best means of monitoring depending on your application.

•  VNC Viewer

Monitor the HMI with VNC Viewer.

•  WebView

Use the cMT Viewer for secure and efficient HMI monitoring featuring: 

-  Cross-platform support (PC/Mobile)
-  Multi-HMI / multi-user monitoring 
-  Control Token safety mechanism

•  Weincloud

With Dashboard and EasyAccess 2.0, begin remote monitoring or maintenance anywhere and anytime.

-  Dashboard (Dashboard Monitoring)



Dashboard visualization helps obtain status overview and gain insights instantly

-  EasyAccess 2.0 (Remote Connection Service)

Remote connection, alarm push notifications, and PLC pass-through make it possible to monitor HMI or carry out maintenance anywhere, anytime.


  • Wireless Solution

Modular WiFi design enables wireless connectivity for more HMIs, helping to tackle situations where wiring may be difficult.

cMT X Series + M02 WiFi Module:

-  Less Delay
-  Higher Speed
-  Wider Range
-  Better Deployment


  • Headless HMI

Compact and well-suited in a control cabinet, a headless HMI can be used with screens of various sizes or monitored with cMT Viewer on a tablet, mobile phone, or computer.

•  cMT-FHDX-820

Supporting video output via HDMI, its size and resolution is not limited by current HMI offerings. Software features are comparable to those of cMT X Advanced.