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Mitsubishi Electric GX Works3

Mitsubishi Electric GX Works3

Reducing development costs through intuitive engineering

GX Works3 is the latest generation of programming and maintenance software offered by Mitsubishi Electric specifically designed for the MELSEC iQ-R and MELSEC iQ-F Series control system. It includes many new features and technologies to ensure a trouble-free engineering environment solution.

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Intuitive engineering software covering the product development cycle


  • Graphic-based configuration realizing easier programming

Various intuitive features such as graphic-based system configuration and an extensive module library (module label/FB) provided as standard.


  • Integrated motion-control system configuration

From setting simple motion module parameters and positioning data setup to servo amplifier configuration, everything is packaged into an easy-to-use engineering environment.


  • Complies with IEC 61131-3

GX Works3 realizes structured programming such as ladder and ST, making project standardization across multiple users even easier.

Simple point and click programming architecture.


  • System Design

Straightforward graphic based system configuration design

• Simply drag and drop from the module list to easily create system configuration
• Directly setup parameters for each module
• Automatically reflect changes in the layout to the module parameters


  • Programming

MELSOFT library enables efficient programming through "Module Label/FB"

• Assign convenient label names to internal devices, rather than manually entering a device name every time.
• Simply drag & drop module FBs from the MELSOFT Library directly into the ladder program, making programming even easier.


  • Debug, Maintenance

Extensive version control features

• Flexibly register program change (historical) save points
• Easily visualize and confirm program changes


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