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Mitsubishi Electric iQ Monozukuri

Mitsubishi Electric iQ Monozukuri

A step to introduce "e-F@ctory". That is "iQ Monozukuri"

The iQ Monozukuri is a product that has been optimized through the accumulation of knowhow, which supports various problem solutions of the customer during manufacturing, and enables effective system installation, expansion, and operation/maintenance.

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  • iQ Monozukuri Process Remote Monitoring

iQ Monozukuri Process Remote Monitoring is an application package to easily introduce IoT technologies to the shop floor, collect and visualize information of multiple devices, and collectively manage the information.
Manufacturing process and productivity of the whole production can be improved by analyzing the data displayed on GT SoftGOT2000.
The operation status of the shop floor and the information such as operation logs and alarms can be collected from each device via an on-site GOT.


  • iQ Monozukuri ANDON

This simple ANDON* package easily enables visualization of production sites using GOT2000 and a general-purpose web browser.
Information obtained from production equipment is displayed on the monitor for ANDON via GOT2000, allowing sharing of the production site information to enable visualization.

* ANDON system visualizes information (production status, alarms) that is obtained from production equipment, sharing the information among site workers, a manager, and a maintenance personnel.


  • iQ Monozukuri Smart Work Navigator

Systems for supporting picking and assembly work can be easily developed and operated.
In addition, the work record data can be accumulated in the database and used for analysis and improvement activities.


  • iQ Monozukuri Rotary Machine Vibration Diagnosis

"iQ Monozukuri Rotary Machine Vibration Diagnosis" is an application that helps to visualize the equipment condition and presume the abnormal area by collecting, analyzing, and diagnosing vibration data of the equipment with a rotary mechanism.


  • iQ Monozukuri Tool Wear Diagnosis for Machine Tools

Tool wear conditions are tracked by using IoT data to help optimize tool operation and improve processing quality.


  • iQ Monozukuri Application package

Devices, application programs, and useful startup tools required for automation system configuration and startup are all included in this package.

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