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Mitsubishi Electric MES Interface IT

Mitsubishi Electric MES Interface IT

MES Interface IT Overview

The MES Interface IT allows organizations to standardize on a method of sharing information between the production environment and the enterprise IT systems. Eliminating all middleware and gateway PCs, the MES Interface IT controller-level appliance provides users with the leanest solution possible, reducing overhead costs as well as points of failure. Easy and reliable data access across all networked control systems creates limitless application possibilities, from quality control to logistics management.

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  • Key Benefits

• No need for intermediate PC infrastructure to interface shop floor controllers to “front office” IT systems
• Significantly reduced cost of ownership as no PC maintenance issues apply
• Improved security; prevents access by unauthorized personnel
• Improved productivity; industrially hardened architecture is immune to typical PC reliability issues
• Broad range of third-party drivers are available for all the most popular supplier’s PLCs
• Convenient installation; module simply mounts in a spare Q Series slot and configures 


  • Optimize the Setup and Management of Large Scale Production Systems

The MES Interface IT Workbench software automatically enumerates all devices on the network and provides comprehensive performance diagnostics. On the IT side, it automatically enumerates available database elements such as a schema, tables and field names. Hardcopy mapping documents become unnecessary and system changes occur faster and easier.


  • Supports Reliable Data Collection

The MES Interface IT automatically stores data from the shop floor to a connected information system server when the ‘Store and Forward’ option is selected. Even when a communication error occurs between the information system, no data is lost, because the buffer data is automatically forwarded to the information system after the connection is restored.

Specifications MESiT
Module Type MES interface IT modul
Communication method Ethernet
Interface type 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
DB interface function general Interctas with databases via user-defined jobs (Windows, Linux, Unix ect.)
database Oracle®/SAP, Microsoft® SQL, DB2, DB2/400
SQL commannds Insert, batch insert, update, select, select with update, stored procedure and count rows delete
messaging Http, E-mail, TCP, IBM WebSphere MQ, MQTT, JBOSS
trigger buffering function The MES module buffers the data and trigger time to internal memeory
arithmetic processing Formulas can be applied to data before sending from the MES interface module
program execution function Executes programs in he application server computer
Memory capcity 1 CompactFlash card can be installed
Internal power consumption (5V DC) mA 0.93
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 27.4x98x115


Order information Art. no. MES-IT module Hardware: 124930
Core software incl. Mitsubishi Electric driver and 5 connections to PLC 227387
Database connection for SQL 227390
Database connection for Oracle 227391
Database connection for DB2 227392
Additional 5 PLC connections 227388
Siemes driver for S7-200, 300, 400, 12000 229481
Mitsubishi Elecstric MC protocol driver 231543
Modbus driver 231544
Rockwell driver 227395
Omron driver 227397


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