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Mitsubishi Electric MX Component

Mitsubishi Electric MX Component

Complicated programs for serial and Ethernet communication can be developed with simple steps

MX Component is the Active X control/.NET control library enabling communication from a PC to a programmable controller and motion controller regardless of communication protocol.

  • Powerful integrated programming tools

• MX Component is a simple and yet very powerful tool that enables you to connect Mitsubishi PLCs with the Microsoft PC world, quickly and easily.
• Using the COMMUNICATION SETUP UTILITY you can very easily configure and test the link to your Mitsubishi PLC. Supported connection modes: Serial (CPU port), serial via Computer Link (RS-232C, RS-422), Ethernet and CC-Link. All MELSECNETworks are also supported. On the modular PLC MELSEC System Q you can also use the USB port.
• You have read/write access all the controller's devices with Microsoft programs like MS Visual Basic, MS C++ etc., via the pre-configured communication paths or via ActiveX elements with their own communication.


  • Key features of MX Component:

• Support for Access, Excel (VBA), Visual Basic and C++
• PLC monitoring via HTML pages using the standard Windows browser
• PLC monitoring via intranets or the Internet with support for ASP technology (Active Server Pages)


  • Easily set communication conditions with Wizard

• The Wizard style communication configuration utility facilitates access to the programmable controller's CPU.
The communication configuration utilities saves the set programmable controller CPU's logic station number, making it simple to access the programmable controller's CPU just by setting the station number.



  • Data collection by VBA 

• Real time graph display applications can be created using VBA programming in Excel® and Access®.

Logged programmable controller device data can be collected and saved in real-time.

  • Reduce man-hours by developing programs with labels

• Devices can be set according to the assigned label.

Labels enable intuitive configuration of the program within MX Sheet or directly in the program itself. Therefore, if changes are made to the devices, there is no need to further change the program or MX Sheet file.

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